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Message from the Chair – Robotics Revolution: Digitizing While Downsizing

By: Wanda Lopuch, Chairwoman of the Board, The Global Sourcing Council The digital revolution has arrived. It is in all corners of the world and all industries, especially the outsourcing industry. It dazzles us with the allure of entering the future here and now. It seduces us with images of doing everything we do better, faster, and more productively. And ... Read More »

Outsourcing and its Leap to Robotics Process Automation

An Interview with Chip Wagner, CEO of Alsbridge     Editor’s Introduction We are very pleased to present a recent interview with Chip Wagner that was conducted by Frank Casale, Founder and CEO of The Institute for Robotic Process Automation and originally published on its website. FC: As we dive right in here, what do you see as maybe two ... Read More »

Shaping Our Destiny – Exponentially

By: Karen A. Morris, Board Member, The Global Sourcing Council and Chair, GSC Women’s Empowerment Committee     Editor’s Introduction There are many ways we assess the impact of robotics, in particular the way it is changing the sourcing workforce landscape for providers and suppliers. Our founding Board Member, the innovation strategist Karen Morris, provides unique insights into the paradox we ... Read More »

Sustainable Investing Advances in the United States

By: Meg Voorhes, Director of Research and Operations, SIF Foundation Sustainable, responsible and impact investing—investing for long-term competitive financial returns and positive social impact—is advancing in the United States, according to the US SIF Foundation’s latest Report on US Sustainable, Responsible and Impact Investing Trends. Every two years since 1995, the US SIF Foundation has measured the size and scope ... Read More »

Scaling Up Impact Sourcing

By: Pumela Salela, GSC Ambassador in Africa Impact Sourcing at Scale: Moving from Idea to Practice was the theme for the Rockefeller Foundation’s international convention on Impact Sourcing (IS), held in South Africa from November 13-14, 2014. The convention was a progression from the Inaugural Rockefeller Conference on Impact Sourcing held in South Africa in November 2011. In 2011, the ... Read More »

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