Thursday , 21 August 2014

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Editor’s Note – Connecting Dots

By: JoDeen Urban, Editor In Chief, The Source Associating ideas or discovering unique insights after sifting through pools of data has become significantly more complex in the Age of Big Data. When the puzzle “join the dots” was created, its premise was to use our visual memory to discern what the picture should look like as we expectantly drew a ... Read More »

Global Drug Discovery Outsourcing Market Gaining Momentum

By: Jim Zhang, President, JZMed, Inc. Today, externalization has become a core strategy among pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies for all types of activity, including R&D and manufacturing. In fact, the original concept of outsourcing has now been expanded to include all types of collaboration, including partnership and technology licensing. Drug discovery has been one of the core sectors of the ... Read More »

Trust and Collaboration: McDonald’s Supply Chain Strategy

By: Kate Vitasek, Author, researcher, educator and innovator of the Vested®business model. It’s apparent that for strategies to be taken seriously involving Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) a company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plan must be an integral part. All of the moving parts must work together in an ethical and socially responsible way. This is ... Read More »

Big Data – Big Questions

By: Karen A. Morris, Board Member, The Global Sourcing Council and Chair, GSC Women’s Empowerment Committee The COO of a global firm recently asked me a right question and an important question. The right question is this: “In 2014, what kinds of conversations should we be having about big data?” The important question is this: “Is big data a big ... Read More »

Data Science and Analytics: Outsourcing Optimization


By: Ravi Kalakota, Partner at LiquidAnalytics If you’re an executive, manager, or team leader, one of your toughest responsibilities is managing and organizing your analytics initiative. The days of business as usual are over.  The cost of data generation is falling. The cost of collection and storage is also falling.  The speed of insight-to-action is increasing. The bottleneck is clearly shifting ... Read More »

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