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GSC 3S Boot Camp Announced: May 29 – June 3

Boot Camp FLYER

The GSC Awards in Sustainable & Socially Responsible Sourcing, or GSC 3SAwards©, honor and empower those who embrace and implement the business principles of Sustainable & Socially Responsible Sourcing. Laureates of the GSC 3SAwards© are rewarded with Awards that Empower, which consist of global publicity campaigns and participation in the worldclass business education programs, to allow winners to scale up ... Read More »

Message from the Chair – Not If, But How: 3 Essential Best Practices in CSR for 2014 & Beyond

By: Wanda Lopuch, Chair, The Global Sourcing Council We’ve come a long way from the days when greed was good. According to the 2013 Cone Communications Study, 91% of consumers are likely to switch brands to be associated with a good cause. Given comparable price and quality, a mere 6% of global consumers believe that the sole role of business ... Read More »

Editor’s Note: Unique Approaches

By: JoDeen Urban, Editor In Chief, The Source Divining, designing or redefining – much of what humans do in creative efforts and solving problems is built upon the lessons of prior endeavors by others. “Plus ça change plus c’est la meme chose”. The more things change the more they stay the same. While French critic, journalist and novelist Jean-Baptiste Karr ... Read More »

Changing Perspectives, Changing Lives – A Unique Partnership Between Project Prayas and SAP

The Project Prayas Lab in Bangalore, India was visited by Ms. Anka Wittenberg, Head Diversity and Inclusion at SAP Germany, in July 2013. The Project Prayas team is shown with SAP volunteers.

By: Kavita Sharma, Founding Director, Project Prayas: A Computer and iPad Training Center for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Bangalore, India Introduction By: Richard Billson, Guest Contributor and Member of the Global Sourcing Council Women’s Empowerment Committee Introduction As the father of a teenage boy with autism, my perspective has evolved over the years since his diagnosis at the age ... Read More »

Supply Chain Sustainability Data Requests – Stop the Madness

By: Louis Coppola, Partner and Executive Vice President, The Governance & Accountability Institute Companies are increasingly asking their supply chain for data on Environmental, Social and Governance issues. This data is important and can have huge impacts on supplier relationships, the sustainability of global economies, the environment and society as a whole. There are existing globally accepted frameworks that have ... Read More »

Vested: A Sustainable Sourcing Model for the 21st Century

By: Kate Vitasek, Author, researcher, educator and innovator of the Vested®business model. The University of Tennessee’s (UT) Vested sourcing business model provides a framework that transforms a “supplier” relationship into a partnership that becomes the bedrock for sustainable sourcing. Almost ten years ago the University endeavored to research some of the world’s most successful strategic partnerships—including those at P&G, McDonald’s ... Read More »

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