Sunday , 26 October 2014

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Message from the Chair – Sustainability: A Core Value for Latin Americans

By: Wanda Lopuch, Chair, The Global Sourcing Council Sustainability and social responsibility in today’s interconnected world, is truly a global challenge. However, the canvas of sustainability and social responsibility with its regional intricacies is painted with the whole spectrum of regional colors and shades. We have decided to dedicate this issue of The Source to Latin America, to bring closer ... Read More »

Formando Futuro Leverages Education for Social Impact

Formando Futuro 2photo

By: Paul A. Dougall, Corporate Development Vice President, Grupo ASSA       Education Can Be the Most Powerful Social Transformation Tool in Latin America The IT Services industry in Latin America can make a serious and sustainable contribution towards reducing the educational deficit for boys and girls at secondary school levels, especially for those that come from families in ... Read More »

Developing the Talent Pool Through Finishing Schools’ Programs in Latin America and the Caribbean

By: Fabrizio Opertti, Chief of the Trade and Investment Unit of the Integration and Trade Sector of the IDB       Pablo M. Garcia, IDB Regional Trade Hub Lead Economist One of the key effects of global services is the creation of a “world wide web” of jobs, from general tasks involving Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) activities such as ... Read More »

Sowing Education – Harvesting Talent

By: Carlos Pallotti, CEO of ARGENCON In Argentina more than 120,000 people work in companies engaged in providing offshore services in activities such as ITO, BPO, Engineering or Media. These industries generate locally revenues that exceeded US $6 billion in 2013. Both of these figures are expected to grow every year. For this reason, several global and national companies formed ... Read More »

When Traditional KPI’s Become Obsolete

By: Fernando Gonzalez, Marketing Director of Belatrix Software Many companies claim to do CSR activities. Many will just say they are contributing to a certain cause. Some companies have this in their DNA. Some use it as a way to promote themselves (and there’s nothing wrong with that as long as they actually do those activities and effectively contribute). But ... Read More »

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