Friday , 28 November 2014

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Message from the Chair: Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)

By: Wanda Lopuch, Chair, The Global Sourcing Council     Why Socially Responsible Investing? In global sourcing, in both services and products, we frequently talk about efficiencies, cost savings, about the cloud innovations and automation; we talk about return on investment of sourcing projects; but … socially responsible investing? And sourcing? That is a stretch… or is it? The connection ... Read More »

Editor’s Note: Positive Enterprise

By: JoDeen Urban, Editor In Chief, The Source The aspiration that as a global community we will leave the world a better place figures prominently in our collective psyche. Impact Investing is many things and at its heart is the compact that governments, companies and investors will collaborate towards this end. Acts of social and environmental conscience, executed in good ... Read More »

A Two-Tiered Approach to Impact Investment Strategies

CTC Jamaica

By: Jay Essley, Director of Global Client Engagement, Sutherland Global Services     Impact Sourcing and Social Investment At first glance the word “investment” typically invokes thoughts of fiscal capital spent in order to receive future financial gain, whether in profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in value. However, equally as important in the definition is the expenditure of ... Read More »

Investing in Inclusion

Accion_Bolivia_BancoSol_2012 2

By: Michael Schlein, President and CEO of Accion Modern financial markets exclude billions of the world’s poor. That’s a failure of those markets—and a failure of imagination. A more financially inclusive world would give billions of people living in poverty access to a full range of important financial services, yielding a high rate of return by economic, social, and societal ... Read More »

IN CONVERSATION: An Interview with Meg Voorhes

Meg Voorhes, Director of Research and Operations, US SIF Foundation         By: Wanda Lopuch, Chair of the Global Sourcing Council         IN CONVERSATION is a monthly profile of people actively engaged in sourcing. Wanda Lopuch, the Chair of the GSC sits with Meg Voorhes, the Director of Research and Operations for the US SIF ... Read More »

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