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GSC 3S Boot Camp Announced: May 29 – June 3

Boot Camp FLYER

The GSC Awards in Sustainable & Socially Responsible Sourcing, or GSC 3SAwards©, honor and empower those who embrace and implement the business principles of Sustainable & Socially Responsible Sourcing. Laureates of the GSC 3SAwards© are rewarded with Awards that Empower, which consist of global publicity campaigns and participation in the worldclass business education programs, to allow winners to scale up ... Read More »

GSC 3S Boot Camp Content Topics

This year GSC 3S Boot Camp© will take place in New York City from May 29 to June 3, 2014. Two representatives of each winning organization will participate in this executive development program covering current leadership development in sustainable and socially responsible global management, specifically supply-chain management. Participants will discuss business principles of sustainability and apply them to their own ... Read More »

The Gender Lottery – Introduction to March Issue

By Karen Morris Board Member, The Global Sourcing Council; Chair, GSC Women’s Empowerment Committee At the GSC, we have heard our community’s and readers’ opinion that issues pertaining to women’s empowerment deserve our heightened consideration and the exchange of informed and varied perspectives. This is why our Board has formed the GSC Women’s Empowerment Committee and devotes this issue to ... Read More »

Editor’s Note: Universal Truths

By: JoDeen Urban, Editor In Chief, The Source March is a momentous month during which women are celebrated around the world in various ways. Many countries observe “Women’s History Month”, “Women’s Empowerment Month” or “International Women’s Day” (recognized on March 8th by 27 countries). Rallies are held, seminars, symposia and special events attended, and men are asked to honor their ... Read More »

“The Girl Effect”: Empowering Girls in the Developing World

By: Selene Lawrence GRI Data Partner Report Analyst, Governance & Accountability Institute In 2008, the Nike Foundation channeled their foundation’s experience in the developing world to take part in a new empowerment and education initiative called “The Girl Effect”. The project was created in partnership between Nike and the NoVo Foundation, which searches for sustainable, bottom-up approaches to promote social ... Read More »

New Beginnings and Prosperity: Women on Wings

By: Ronald van het Hof Managing Director, Women on Wings India Women on Wings is a social enterprise, founded in The Netherlands, that advises Indian social entrepreneurs that employ women in rural India and have opportunities for growth. Women on Wings’ core objective: creating 1 million jobs for women in rural India by 2018. The idea for Women on Wings ... Read More »

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